Tuesday, 28 May 2013

28th, May, 2013 Judo club Practice :)

How is everybody ? I want to briefly explain the judo classes content.
Do you want to see our judo members in a competition?

Our member's skills are constantly progressing

And today we practiced hip interception (Tsurikomi-goshi) Hip interception (Tsurikomi-goshi) is used when we actually use moves. This is a good move to use when you want to use skill after skill continuously.

1.Hold their judokee on both sides
2.Pull the opponent towards you
3.After you pulled the opponent, put your right hand under the opponent's left armpit and lift your arm.
4.Pull your left arm towards you
5.Then pull their hip directly up and throw them over !

Gunha instructor told us this for the hip interception move.
"If you want to do a perfect hip interception, you need to be able to be thrown first in order to know what it feels like to throw someone else. Don't be scared of getting thrown. That will soon become your skill."
Sounds amazing right
Even though our practice video isn't perfect, lets raise our skills little by little.


Have a good day!

Thursday, 16 May 2013

A real judokan is...

A real judokan is not a person throwing opponants many times,
a person who is ready again to fight right before falling down.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Take part in an amateur judo tournament 11th, May, 2013

Mannam Members in judo class, take part in an amateur judo tournament!!


7a.m. 11th,May the Mannam judo members were busy preparing the tournament early in the morning.

Finally, today is the competition day that the Mannam judo members signed up a month in advance.

All members of the Mannam judo  class met in sadang in the early morning and moved to the judo stadium in byeomgye middle school.

First, all the members were asked to take their weight in order to place them into proper  weight classes and stated warming up for the competition.

From women's team Reiko, Inyoung and from men's team Ricardo, Azamat, Abraham played in the match and 건하, Akmal, Diana  were there to support the players.

Azamat won a gold medal and Inyoung received a bronze medal in women's title.

Through the games, all the members and the supporters became one and not only achieved medals but also improved its teamwork and the image of the judo class.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Joint 10K in the shoes event on April, 21th

Mannam 10K triggered for the world peace!

Back in the 1990's, most young Korean students used to consider about the unification as their best wish, and sang "Our hope is unification".  But, I sometimes had a doubt and wondered if the unification will be happened during my living.
Then my thoughts ended up that might be impossible since the war never finish.

First of all, tie up your shoelaces! 

However, in Seoul, peace doesn't seem to be far away.
 '10k in shoes' event was held for defeating the war disaster, which was such a world-wide meaningful event.

Mannam Volunteer Association invited so many foreigners who live in Korea and delivered the message that we still can support some countries who are fighting for their peace by walking. That's an amazing event!!

Thankfully, even the weather was so warm and spring.

Mannam Judo With Forsythia

With Mannam Judo Instructor (Sungbae)

WIth Mannam Judo Instructor (Gun-ha)
With cherry blossom

Let's walk together for peace! 

Sunday, 7 April 2013

April 7 (Sat) Mannam Judokan took over Russian Restaurant!

As time goes by, I am getting more proud of Mannam judo club because I can not compare with such a perfect place where I can kill two birds with one stone! :)

 I can learn my favorite sports, judo and meet various people from around the world. 
How can I meet those nice and warm people? 
I assume that I am lucky! 

Today, after the judo class, a couple of Russian Mannam Judokans suggested to have dinner in Russian restaurant in Seoul. 
Hurray!!  that's more fun and exciting news! 

 Mannam Judokans have a long and close relationship with exotic culture and food. So we love to try many different type of dishes. 

Our table of bounty

We are all Mannam judokan! 
I think Russian food is very healthy and the taste seems to vary.  
I don't remember exact names of food but, I remember the time I spent with lovely people never be regretted to me. :) 

Before wrapping up,, as funny as it gets... 

Dima looks like putting some eyelash make-up. lol 
Just pop in our class you are always welcomed! ^^

Saturday, 6 April 2013

Sweeping hip throw (Harai goshi) video filmed by Mannam Judo Club

Mannam Judo Ground Sparring

Sorry for updating you a posting late. I hope everyone look forward to seeing me again.
These days,  in my school where I currently work as a English teacher many coworkers are getting interested in martial arts, especially for Judo. (In Korea, many foreign teachers are coming over to teach English.)

This current martial art boom we call "Judo fever" (judo yulpung). I don't know why my company started to like all sudden. But, I think they also started to understand how Judo is fun, not as a boring or extreme sport. :)

This is the video we filmed two weeks ago. Hope all you enjoy

Technique: Hip throw or Sweeping hip throw (Harai goshi)

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Would you like to know more about Mannam?

Would you like to know more about Mannam? 

Interviewed by the Chairwoman of Mannam, Ms. Nam Hee Kim
Mannam Chairwoman - Nam Hee Kim

Q. What do you think about volunteerism mean as the Chairwoman of Mannam? 

-> I think that every basic foundation of ideology is filial piety, and it is not limited to only Korea. When one is dutiful to one's parent, it is filial piety; when the same devotion is shown to a country, it becomes loyalty; and in religion, it becomes faith. And they are based on sacrifice, thinking of other before oneself, which is the spirit of volunteer service. Mannam's service is voluntary and dedicating oneself as if he or she is doing work at one's home, even when picking up garbage on the street. This is the spirit of Mannam.

Q. What's the plans for the future of the organization? 

-> A. Our vision is to work as pure volunteers who give back to the community.

Q. Mannam's slogan is "When Light meets Light, there is Victory!".
    What does it mean by then? 

-> A. Each person is light, also should become a person like light. As these people who are like light meet, we can defeat the darkness from the world.

Mannam's logo

Q. What is Cultural-art volunteer meant to Mannam?

I heard Mannam is alike true volunteerism and a great planning. Supporting the poor is not only Mannam's volunteer work but also letting a delivery of the message of hope through the Cultural- art performance and a receiver who experience the love to be met and become one is our Cultural-art volunteerism.

Q. Why does Mannam do country-related events? 

->A. It is very natural to dedicate time and efforts to those we love. As Mannam loves its country and sincerely appreciates those who sacrificed their lives for the country, it is logical to give our time and effort. We do not see this as sacrifice. The question of "Why do you do country-related events? is equivalent to the question of "Why do you love another?"

-> These are the Korean version of Mannam's Q&A.

Hope everyone enjoys to reading. Thank you.